Silage Additive Silage Additive

Silage Additive

Advance Silage Inoculants

Pearce Seeds provide Micron Bio-Systems’ Advance range of silage inoculants.

Major benefits

Role of Enzymes

Enzymes unlock the energy from plant lignins and significantly increase the digestibility of treated forages with improvements of up to 20%. Extra energy goes directly to milk which drives profits.

Role of Lactic Acid

Silage Additive

Lactic acid bacteria reduce spoilage of forage. They do this by dropping the pH fast by producing lactic acid. Micron’s own unique blend of bacteria in Advance silage inoculants optimizes the speed with which pH drops after ensiling. This results in minimum nutrient loss and a more stable silage.

Role of Acetic Acid

Micron’s Lactobacillus brevis produces acetic acid and this slows the growth of spoilage organisms (yeasts and moulds) in silage and TMR rations. The silage is made more stable and consistent.

Role of Microbial Stimulants

The bacteria in the Advance range of inoculants are in a dormant state and need activating when applied to forage. The Advance crop specific stimulants do this and also provide a boost to the Advance silage inoculants when added to the silage. Value: Stimulating the bacteria ensures maximum activity once rehydrated.

Crop Specific Silage Inoculants:

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