Winter Oilseed Rape Winter Oilseed Rape

Winter Oilseed Rape


Conventional - KWS

High yielding, high oil, stiff stems, very vigorous autumn establishment and good all round disease resistance including tolerance to verticillium wilt. A variety which has always been one of the highest yielding varieties in Pearce Seeds trials. A consistent and reliable variety.


Conventional KWS

A new high yielding variety from KWS which has short stiff straw and strong tolerance to Verticillium Wilt. For disease resistance, the variety scores a 5 for resistance to Light Leaf Spot and a 6 for Phoma.

DK Imprint CL

Clearfield Hybrid Dekalb

Rapid autumn development for later drilling. Excellent Phoma stem canker and good Light Leaf Spot resistance and lodging resistance with good stem stiffness. Reasonably early maturity with pod shatter resistance.

Matrix CL

Clearfield Hybrid DSV

With Pod Shatter Resistance, RLM7+ resistance to stem canker, and added TuYV protection, MATRIX CL offers the best agronomic package seen in any Clearfield® variety to date.
MATRIX CL offers the top standing scores with 9 for Lodging and 8 for Stem Stiffness. It has a medium Flowering score of 5 and an early Maturity score of 6. Offering a complete Clearfield package. MATRIX CL is the first Clearfield variety without compromise.

DK Expedient

Hybrid      Dekalb

A variety with very rapid to establish in the autumn and is early to harvest. The variety suits the mid to later drilling situation. The variety has very strong disease resistance scores including double phoma resistance to stem canker and it also has pod shatter resistance.

DK Exstar                            

Hybrid     Dekalb

A high yielding variety with strong disease resistance scores of 8 for both Light Leaf Spot and Phoma stem canker (RLM7).  This variety has excellent lodging resistance which combined with pod shatter resistance makes this a very strong variety. Suitable for the earlier drilling window until early September.


Hybrid     DSV

Dazzler is one of DSV’s flagship triple-layer varieties, combining top yields with three important traits. One of its particularly noticeable features is its outstanding autumn vigour as well as having Turnip Yellow Virus (TuYV) resistance, pod shatter resistance, and the RLM7+ for multi-gene resistance to phoma stem canker. Dazzler is the highest yielding variety and highest oil content on the East/West recommendation list.

LG Aviron                           

Hybrid      Limagrain

LG Aviron is an extremely high yielding hybrid variety, which shows a good, consistent performance across the UK. LG Aviron has excellent autumn vigour, and a comprehensive traits package including; TuYV, pod shatter resistance, and RLM7 phoma resistance, combined with the beneficial N-FLEX characteristic helping to ensure high consistent yields on farm, across all regions.

DK Platinium

Clubroot Resistant Hybrid Dekalb

Clubroot resistance combined with Pod Shatter resistance and good autumn establishment. This variety has a medium autumn growth habit which makes it suitable for early drilling to early September.

*Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that the Clubroot resistance will protect against all pathotypes of clubroot present in UK soils. Other cultural control measures should be taken where Clubroot is a problem such as maintaining the soil pH and ensuring good soil structure.


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