Spring Wheat Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat


Gowers of spring wheat often target the bread making market and producing high quality bread making grain with high hagberg and protein content. Mulika is the dominant spring wheat variety with 70% of the certified seed area. It can be autumn or spring sown, Resistant to OWBM but only moderate resistance to Septoria. Ideal for flexible sowing where blackgrass is an issue and can be sown from November through to mid April.

KWS Willow

Very high yielding variety and where fusarium resistance is required behind maize stubble, Willow is a better choice than Mulika. Willow offers the best of both worlds in this late drilling slot. It is a variety that consistently delivers a good, bold grain and is overall a very good variety. Good foliar disease resistance and stiff straw make it ideal for high fertility sites. Performs well in Pearce autumn and spring sown trials and is the highest yielding spring wheat sown in the autumn.

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