Calf Hygiene Programs Calf Hygiene Programs

Calf Hygiene Programs

Both Cryptosporidiosis and Coccidiosis are becoming increasingly prevalent on UK farms and the area where this is most evident is in calf rearing systems. Many more farms are now paying closer attention to one key area of disease prevention, colostrum feeding. This is done through the management process of this valuable asset as well as ensuring each calf benefits as much as possible from the available antibodies. This, alongside robust bio-security processes on-farm, can form the cornerstone of the policy. Another key part of the plan is to ensure “gold standard” prevention and disinfection of housing, particularly between batches. One such system, based on a tested and proven method used in intensive livestock production around the world, is the “CID Lines” process.

The CID Lines Process

Step 1: Remove all non-fixed equipment
Take away all removable equipment (buckets etc.) and clean and disinfect them along with the fixed equipment using the same
procedure as below.

Step 2: Dry Cleaning
Remove all manure, litter and feed residues from the housing. Burn or compost well to reduce the chances of oocyst survival.

Step 3: Apply Detergent
Apply detergent as recommended with a foaming lance to all surfaces and equipment at a concentration of between 2% and 5%, depending on level of contamination and the product recommended. Leave in contact for a minimum 15 minutes.

Step 4: The main (deep) Clean
High pressure (40-150 bar, preferably hot) water wash at a rate of 12-30 litres/minute and allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 5: Anti-Parasite Control
Spray (or preferably foam), KENOCOX at a dilution rate of 4%, using 0.4 litres of solution/sq.m. Leave in contact for minimum 2 hours. Rinse buckets and feeders before using again.

The Right Products for the Job


Biosafe is a powerful detergent which can be applied as a standard liquid or foam. Like most modern detergents however, Biosafe is best applied as a foam to maximize the dirt-removing properties of the product. Unlike many strong detergents on the market however, Biosafe lives up to its name by being non-corrosive and will not damage surfaces.


Kenocox is a broad-spectrum disinfectant which is effective against Cryptosporidia and Coccidia as well as bacteria and viruses. Kenocox does not contain phenols and is safe to livestock and operators. One key feature of Kenocox is its speed of kill meaning that housing can be restocked if necessary after just two hours.

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