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Pearce Seeds offer a total management package for Orchards & Top Fruit


Pearce Seeds offer a total management package for Orchards & Top Fruit

Top Fruits/Orchards

Pearce Seeds offer a total management package for Orchards & Top Fruit.  Advice on all aspects of top fruit management, from establishment of new orchards to maintenance.

Our specialist, former ADAS advisor Robert Fovargue would be pleased to help. To contact Robert tel: 07815 185953 or email: Robert Fovargue

Robert says:

Maximise the Yield from your Cider Orchards

Reaping an extra 10% of production will have a positive impact on the profitability of your business.

Through Pearce Seeds, I am able to offer you specialist advisory support necessary to ensure higher and more consistent yields from your orchards. The service ranges from tree management, soil and nutrition management to pest and disease control together with related farm business and labour management matters. Most specifically the level of the service would be flexible to your own wishes and requirements. I am both BASIS (crop protection) and FACTS (soil/nutrition) registered.

Pearce Seeds is a well-established business supplying crop protection products, herbicides, seeds, fertilisers and lime to farmers and growers throughout Somerset, Dorset and Devon. It is founded upon a longstanding commitment to customer service.

Since March 2002 I have been advising an increasing number of the Cider Growers in the South West - being based in Chard I am usually able to visit a client at relatively short notice when a specific problem requires early attention.

I joined Pearce Seeds after more than 10 years managing a successful fruit farming business and, more recently, as a specialist ADAS advisor to leading fruit growers in the South East. During my years as Farm Manager I was responsible for the management of high yielding, profitable orchards with some specifically dedicated to processing contracts - in common with cider production the key elements for success were good but simple soil and tree management together with well targeted, balanced inputs to produce consistently high yields.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you, to visit to your orchards and discuss the service that I am able to provide. Essentially you would be under no obligation and there would be no fee or charge arising from an initial introductory visit.

Should you wish to contact me please phone me on 01460 261215 on my Home/Office number or on the mobile 07815 185953. I respond to messages left on my mobile as soon as I am able.

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Email: Robert Fovargue

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