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Soil Sampling

Do you know what is in your soil?

Soil Sampling

Soil Sampling

There are many reasons why you should regularly undertake soil sampling of your fields. Knowing the available nutrients both major and minor must be the starting point of crop production. It is also a requirement of for most crop assurance schemes, and anyone in a NVZ. The cost on a per acre basis small, but a very worthwhile investment.

Pearce Seeds can offer a very comprehensive soil sampling service, ranging from pH to full spectrum soil analysis & nematodes. Comprehensive nutrient requirement recommendations can be produced, by our agronomists who are all FACTS registered.  Recommendations for lime, fibrophos and fertiliser can all be supported through our agronomy team.

Pearce Seeds agronomists now service and offer soil sampling throughout all of the South West including Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Hampshire.  
For information on the service we offer, telephone 01935 811400 or visit our team page to find your local agronomist.

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