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VIROCID is an extremely concentrated disinfectant with a synergistic composition of 4 active ingredients. Virocid is amazingly effective at low dilution rates (0.5-1%) against ALL micro-organisms;
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi 
  • Spores
Hospital grade according to the EPA registration in the USA. Virocid has a long residual action and can be applied in a versatile way such as spraying, fogging and foaming on to all surfaces, foot dips, vehicles and equipment. Tested and registered worldwide (EN, AFNOR, DEFRA, DVG, EPA). Listed by the United Nations' FAO against Avian Influenza H5N1.


INTERCID is an amazingly good general purpose disinfectant which is effective at low dilution rates (1:400). It will kill all micro-organisms such as:
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Spores
Intercid can be applied in many ways such as spraying, fogging and foaming on to surfaces. It can also be used in foot dips and on vehicles as it is non-corrosive & non-staining. Tested and registered worldwide (DIN/EN, AFNOR, DEFRA, DVG, EPA).

Interdes F

INTERDES F is an effective cleaner and disinfectant against bacteria and fungi. Mainly used within the food industry and hatcheries. With its dual action cleaner + disinfectant it is highly concentrated and effective at low temperatures and low dilution rates. It has a neutral odour and "taste", not inhibitor positive in milk.


BIO-KILL is a non-tainting product and does not leave residues after application and is envrionmentally safe, degrading to carbon dioxide, oxygen and water. It is a stabilised formulation which gives a longer lasting product in a diluted form and may be used via a power washer or other spraying equipment.


KENOCOX is a broad spectrum disinfectant effective against excreted endoparasites & bacteria. Coccidiocidal disinfectant.

Interkokask Concentrate

INTERKOKASK CONCENTRATE is a Phenol based disinfectant complying with the EU. Coccidiosis wash approved against all kinds of dirt including spores of parasites, such as coccidiosis. Ascariasis and Cryptosporidiosis. It is also approved against salmonella & kills red mite.


KC5000 is a Phenol based product and has a broad spectrum disinfectant effective against excreted endoparasites and bacteria (design is to control coccidiosos in poultry and game birds). It can be applied on all kinds of surfaces.

IOCid 30

IOCID 30 is a multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant used for all building surfaces, foot dips and clothing. Contains Iodine.


Hydramix Lime

HYDRAMIX LIME is a highly absorbent economical drying agent, improving the environment for both livestock and stockman.
  • Low in dust levels
  • Provides rapid rise in pH
  • Will not burn
  • 100% natural product

Gamestay Ultra Dri

GAMESTAY ULTRA DRI is a powder disinfectant which contains a DEFRA approved disinfectant which is effective against foot & mouth & avian flu diseases. Suitable for all livestock flooring before adding the bedding. It is ideal for using around drinkers & feeders. It is now available with MINT & EUCALYPTUS.


Traditional Cresote

TRADITIONAL CRESOTE is an oil based wood treatment for use on exterior timber such as fences and garden sheds. The product enhances grain definition and gives the wood the protection it needs.

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