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Robotic Milking

Rooted In Dairy Science

Robotic Milking

The growth in installations of robotic milking systems on farms continues apace. The benefits of consistency, repeatability and accuracy that a well-designed robotic system offers can transform performance however a cornerstone of any systems continued success is the quailty of the ongoing hygiene and resulting milk quality.

The CID Lines range of robotic system chemicals is optimised for the systems and manufactures that are commonplace in the UK and Europe.

DM Super Clean

Is a strong alkaline cleaner, ideal for milking robots. Safe at high temperatures (chlorine free) & contains Potassium Hydroxide & Sodium Hydroxide, it can used with warm & cold water safely circulating in a 0.5-1% solution. This product is non-foaming. 

PhoCid R

Is an acid cleaning agent for descaling of milking equipment including cleaning of milking robots at high temperatures. It contains Acid Monohydrate & Methanesulphonic Acid. This product is suitable for periodic & daily acid cleaning, you need to pre-rinse with lukewarm water. Circulate PhoCid R at 0.5% with water at 50-95'c for 8-15 minutes then rinse with potable water.

Kenocid 2100 5%

Is a concentrated cleaning & disinfecting agent based on 5% peracetic acid for the use in CIP systems. Clean the surface thoroughly first & dose at 0.2-0.5%. Contact time is 15 minutes followed by a thorough rinse with clean water. 

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