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Rooted In Dairy Science

Pre Milking

Rooted In Dairy Science

Pre Milking

"Strip, Foam, Wipe, Apply"

The importance of an effective pre-milking routine is well provn but what are we trying to achieve?
Firstly, we need to fore-milk to check for clinical (clot) signs of mastitis, but also to purge the teat canal of "old" milk that has remained in there since the last milking and been exposed to any pathogens that entered through the teat orifice after the last milking and could contribute to a raised bactoscan. Next, we need to apply  foaming teat dip that:

  1. 1. Cleans highly effectively
  2. 2. Disinfects the teats very quickly
  3. 3. Is easy to remove

After wiping with a dry paper towel, attach the clusters.

Sometimes we are challenged on the time involved in the process above so to explain...
The milk let-down process typically takes a minute and a half. An effective stimulation of the cow pre-attachment of clusters will result in a linear milk flow curve, a faster "milk-out" and corresponding reduced "cluster-on" time.

The PureFoamer System

Based on the simple, tried and trusted Cotswold pump system, the new Pure Foamer utilises the technology that has worked so well in dairy spray lines over the past few decades, alongside a new automatic foaming head. This system, used exclusively in conjunction with Kenopure foaming teat dip, produces very high quality foam that gives optimal coverage to teats, with no drips. 



Over half of all Iodine-based teat products supplied in the UK, are a combined pre/post product. This is a risky compromise because a pre-product needs to clean well, have a fast, short-acting kill with easy removal, and a post-product needs to have a longer acting kill with higher persistency on the teat. The use of KenoPure through the PureFoamer system provides an optimised routine pre-milking with gold standard foam, based on fantastic cleaning, quick-kill Lactic acid and no residues after wiping.


  • Cost-effective, concentrated product
  • Contains high quality surfactants
  • Contains Lactic Acid
  • Contains Glycerine and eucalyptus oil
  • Can be foamed, sprayed or used through robotic brush systems

  • Exceptional teat cleaning
  • Fast, effective teat disinfection
  • Maintains and improves teat skin condition

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