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Rooted In Dairy Science

Plant Hygiene & Cleaning

Rooted In Dairy Science

Plant Hygiene & Cleaning

The milk contact surfaces of milking and cooling equipement are a primary source of milk contamination and frequently the principle cause of consistently high bacterial counts. Simple, inexpensive cleaning and diinfecting routines can virtually elimate this source of contamination.

Pearce Dairy offer a full diry plant hygiene audit service where we can look at the current situation, understand the areas where the famr wants to improve, and implement any ncessary changes to procedures to achieve the targets set. This service is backed up by the CID LINES range of chemicals which includes, traditional detergents, a unique CHLORINE-FREE range as well as a specially formulated ROBOT MILKING range, designed specifically for this growing area.

*NEW FOR 2018*

As well as offering traditional Alkaline and Acid plant and equipement cleaning products, Pearce Dairy are pleased to introduce brand new for 2018 , DM Clean Forte.

DM Clean Forte

DM Clean Forte will effectively replace both acid and alkaline in your plant cleaning system, due to the alkaline-base removing fat deposits and EDTA  removing milkstone and calcium deposits. All of this is achievable at low temperature, helping to reduce costs of water heating and reducing potential damage to rubber and silicone with high temperature water.

This advancement is tried and tested in the stringent food hygiene industry and brings a genuine leap forward for our dairies.



The Cid Lines traditional range of liquid detergents is well proven in the field. DMCid (chlorinated, alkaline cleaner & detergent). PhoCid (acid descaler, used in conjuction with DMCid it offers a simple & effective solution to plant cleaning & disinfection. 

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