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Here at Pearce Dairy, we recognise that productivity and value can be hidden or lost on many dairy farms through poor advice and the supply of incorrect or in some instances, ineffective dairy hygiene products. This can happen right from calf rearing, through to premature culling of otherwise viable animals.

“What gets measured gets managed” and recognising the need for a change of approach in the industry, our team bring a fresh, innovative approach to adding value to dairies. Our team will work with yuor farms unique set up's, utilising their farm data, allied to our experience and observations to better understand how to optimise the potential in your herds.

Our advice and recommendations will be backed up by a quality portfolio of products from trusted partners to help manage and improve issues in your dairy, enabling the recovery of lost productivity, and the hidden profits on your farm.

Irrespective of how individual farms want to engage, we will happily work with them to provide the best service we can offer.

Winter Focus

Clean Winter Milk 

We are now in ''Winter mode'' on our dairies with the associated positives & negatives for cows (and farmers)!

With cows now fully housed on a variety of systems, we often see fluctuations in many aspects of milk output ranging from bactoscans & somatic cell counts, to protein & fats.

One aspect of a housed regime is the potential for consistency. The cows will be eating a forage-based diet & other consituents unaffected by outdoor weather conditions & with a less variable dry matter. There might also be the chance to reinforce mobility protocols to ease pressure on lameness issues. 

One key area to consider is that whilst the cows will be lying in the same quarters every day, infection pressure can rise irrespective of the bedding system or type. What is generally accepted however during housed periods, is that there is an increased risk of bedding material remaining on teats with the subsequented risk of rising bactoscans if not properly addressed pre-milking. 

Irrespective of cubicle bedding type, materials like sand, sawdust, shavings, paper & green bedding will need removing from teats before clusters are attached. 

How are Bactoscans affected by pre-milking teat preparations? 

The potential for bacteria-loading in milk can start right back at the previous milking. Why? Once clusters are removed, the teat-end orifice takes up to 45 minutes to close. During this time bacteria can enter the teat canal. 

Once inside they find warm, wet environments in which to grow & flourish. The orifice eventually closing provides the perfect conditions to multiply. Assuming twice a day milking. 8-10 hours later the cow is presented for milking & the ''Old'' milk in the teat canal is primed to enter the tank, potentially raising bactoscans. 

At the same time, the teat surface might be covered with muck, manure & bedding debris that left in place, can again find its way into the tank & affect bactoscans.

What can we do?

The solution is potentially straight forward.
By fore-stripping each quarter using a gloved hand, we achieve two things. 
  • The ''Old'', potentially bacteria-loaded milk is evacuated
  • The process removes the ''Visible'' debris & muck on the teat
This process should go a long way in mitigating risks of high Bactoscan challenges.

How can we improve & make it ''Gold Standard''?

After fore-stripping, we should have a visiable clean teat. Ensuring there are minimal chances of any bacterial loading, we should consider a more thorough clean * disinfection.

This is best achieved using a foaming product which contains high levels of quality surfactants (cleaners) alongside a quick kill. Avoiding products such as Iodine (which takes 5 minutes to work fully), we should consider lactic acid products such as KENOPURE foaming teat dip through the PUREFOAMER system, followed by a thorough dry-wipe with a paper towel, focusing on the teat end. 

Please see below a video of the Purefoamer with the Kenopure in action. 


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