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Soil testing, soil ameliorants and professional advice


Soil testing, soil ameliorants and professional advice

Agricultural Lime


The basis of all agronomy starts with the soil, yet soils are often the least understood and considered side of crop production. Unless soil structure, organic content, fertility and pH are correct then the crops will never achieve their full potential. Cultivations and rotations must be correct to reduce oxidisation of organic matter in the soil, to maintain good soil structure that helps retain water and to provide adequate exchange capacity to hold onto nutrients (both in the soil and those added as fertilizer). With the ‘new’ payment scheme being outlined by the Government, paying attention to your soils will soon be a financial imperative!

Correct soil testing is the START of good cropping. It should cover pH, P, K, Mg, trace elements, organic matter, plus others.

Correct soil pH is vital for good crop growth and is affected by:

  • Fertilisers
  • Crop Off Take
  • Leaching
  • Manures
  • Chemicals
  • Livestock

Benefits of Lime:

  • Improves efficiency of fertilisers
  • Enhances plant development
  • Improves bacterial activity
  • Aids soil structure
  • Increases activity of herbicides and weed control
  • Improves stock wellbeing
  • Improves forage palatability

Pearce Seeds have always focused on soil fertility as the basis of sound agronomy to ensure that all crops have the ability to achieve their full potential. We offer:

  • Accurate Soil Testing
  • Knowledge of local soil types
  • Trained Agronomists
  • Quality Products


  • Ground Limestone
  • Limstone Dust
  • Phastlime (Mag Lime)
  • Ground Chalk
  • Kibble Chalk
  • Lump Chalk
  • Limex 70
  • Basic Slag
  • Fibrophos
  • Gypsum
  • Bulk Fertiliser
  • Granulated Lime

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