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Pearce Seeds has a full range of winter cereals

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Our Seed

Pearce Seeds strives to be the premier seed supplier in the South West.  Through the data generated by our Trials Division we select varieties to focus on each year that are most suited to the local climatic conditions and soil types. Through the use of the trials farm Pearce Seeds often gets to see new varieties several seasons before they become commercially available.

As a member of the Alliance Group, Pearce Seeds now has access to new genetics that were often only offered by the plant breeders to the bigger national companies.  The Alliance Group was a seed technology group formed in 2012 and is a strategic partnership between 7 independent agribusinesses, to improve the process of variety selection and seed supply to farmers. The businesses continue to operate independently, but share information on plant breeding, seed multiplication, production and supply, as well as variety trials. The initial focus has been on providing independent information and services to growers on new breeding and crop protection technologies within wheat, barley, oilseed rape, maize and forage crops.

Pearce Seeds also places seed contracts locally and utilises local seed cleaner plants within our trading area.  We have seed growers in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.  We use facilities on some of our growers farms based in Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire to process our crops.  

In summary we chose varieties that are well suited to the South West and endeavour to support those local seed growers in our trading area.

Available varieties

Pearce Seeds has a full range of cereals available throughout the year. Please select a cereal from the menu on the left or contact the office on 01935 811400 for a complete list.

Potential Seed Grower?

If you are interested in growing a seed crop for Pearce Seeds please contact Kevin Hobbs on 07776 427256

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