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Read all the latest news from the agronomy services industry.

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Trials for the South West

Trials for the South West

Published: Monday, June 12, 2017
Category: Technical News

Pearce Seeds began running field trials 8 years ago to address the shortage of crop trial work being carried out in the South West. We specialise in cereal trials, producing data on the wetter weather diseases such as Rhynchosporium and Septoria, but our trials also involve other combinable crops, forage crops and various pesticide testing.

Our team carries out the trials work, including planning, seed preparation, establishment, monitoring, assessment and harvest. We produce grain yield data from treated cereal variety trials and we maintain untreated crops to generate information on performance and disease pressure year on year. This year we have investigations in a variety of crops including fungicide work in Wheat and Barley, fertiliser input and timing trials and plant growth regulator trials. This is so we can gain information to maximise varietal potential and our on farm knowledge.

Since the opening of the Trials Farm in 2009 the majority of the work undertaken was general farm scale Strip Trials. Now in our ninth year we are prominent and recognised within the industry for running replicated variety trials, a wide range of pesticide trials for chemical companies, maize variety trials for the BSPB descriptive list and also a variety of work for the AHDB Recommended List. Our AHDB trials now include Winter Barley, Winter Triticale, Spring Beans and Spring Oil Seed Rape.

The Trials Farm was set up to be a valuable resource for both members of the company and the local farmers to come and examine and learn how crops are developing throughout the year. Pearce Seeds use the information from all our trial sites across the South West, together with observations from our team of agronomists, to select the best varieties and agronomic decisions for each region.

In 2014 a demonstration field was set up at Plumber Farm in Dorset to showcase the wide range of seeds and services that the Pearce Group of Companies has to offer. We are now proud to be hosting our 7th annual Open Day. On show will be a wide selection of cropping and agronomy options that are representative of the wider range of trials work being conducted in the region. All the trial plots are in one field allowing visitors to explore their areas of interest, with our agronomy team on hand to answer any questions.

This year on show we have dedicated areas in:

  • Maize and fodder varieties
  • Oil Seed Rape seed rate and PGR demos
  • Game Covers and green cover plots

If you cannot make the Open Day and wish to organise your own tour around the demonstration field or to see areas of particular interest then please contact your Pearce Seeds agronomist or the Trials Officer:

Article by Tom Diment



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