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Read all the latest news from the agronomy services industry.

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The Benefits of Bespoke Grass Mixes

The Benefits of Bespoke Grass Mixes

Published: Thursday, April 2, 2015
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The April Edition of the South West British Farmer & Grower Magazine featured an article about Pearce Seeds bespoke grass mixing service and the benefits that a bespoke grass ley has.

Is Your Grass Delivering?

When it comes to grassland production and providing a better quality grass ley, selecting a bespoke grass seed mixture for a farm will produce better results as often the ‘off the shelf’ type mixtures just cannot be expected to be the answer to everything.  Pearce Seeds is an independent firm in the South West that offers a bespoke grass mixing service allowing farmers to choose the varieties and leys that they require on a field by field basis.

With their own grass mixing plant on site, and through the purchasing of straight grass seed varieties from the top Northern European breeders rather than stocking standard pre-mixed leys, they are able to create custom grass seed mixtures, a service that is seemingly tiresome and laborious to many grass seed supply companies.  However for Pearce Seeds, it is a service that they actively encourage, with their agronomists recommending grass mixtures that will suit individual farms and fields where the ready-made general purpose off the shelf mixture will not suffice. 

Custom made mixtures will meet the wide variations required due to proposed field management, grass dry matter yield, quality expectations, and soil type.  Pearce Seeds agronomist, Tim Rutter is proud of the fact “that we can fulfil every grassland management criteria that is required with the best grass varieties on the market. Our customers have come to rely on us to provide them with an impartial and trustworthy service’’ said Mr Rutter. “We have built our reputation on quality and service and that will never change’’ he said.

NIAB/BSPB produce the Recommended List of the Herbage Variety Guide each year and are continually reviewing the performance of new cultivars of grass examining yield, quality, disease resistance, and winter hardiness.  Pearce Seeds utilises this data with a particular focus on disease resistance including Crown Rust and Drechslera ratings as the foundation to building their leys.

To further investigate grass varieties, Pearce Seeds have also previously conducted several preferential grazing trials in the South West in Mid and East Devon.  Ryegrass varieties were laid out in plots with the grazing preferences of the host farms dairy herd being closely monitored and recorded. This provided additional information on the palatability of each variety during the grazing season, to supplement the information from The Recommended List, and ensures that Pearce Seeds are constantly using the most suitable grass varieties for the local area.  John Harris, an agronomist in Devon who ran the initial palatability trial and is now supervising some observation strip trials of Festuloliums, is particularly keen on getting the most out of his grass leys. “By working with the main breeders; DLF, Germinal, Limagrain, Barenbrug, and DSV we have access to a wider gene pool than most other suppliers meaning that we will end up with a sward which has strengths in all areas.  All the breeders have their top performers and we are in a position to pick the best for our mixes.” said Mr Harris, “Grassland is the most important crop for our livestock farmers’’ he continued “the work we put in with trials, agronomy, advice and recommendations for our customers fully endorses this. By selecting from The Recommended List of the Herbage Varieties Guide we simply buy the best material from the best breeders”

Article by Andrew Clune



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