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Our varieties have been extensively trialed in the south west over many years, giving us the confidence to recommend the best varieties for their Yield, Quality, Disease Tolerance and Consistent Performance.



Maturity Group 11

Still a market leader in this ultra-early section, it will give a large well filled cob that gives good starch and ME. It has a good eyespot tolerance. Having been first listed in 2015 it is now being challenged by newer varieties. Has always proved to be very reliable and consistent.


Maturity Group 11

A new variety that will appear on the NIAB list in 2020. Has been in Pearce Seeds trials for 4 years and is proving itself to be an ultra-early variety with high yields and quality. It has good disease tolerance. It has matched or bettered Augustus and Emmerson in every year of trials for both maturity and quality. This variety is set to be our biggest seller this season, after a very good year on farm in 2019.


Maturity Group 11

A new variety from Limagrain, in our trials over the last 2 years it has exceeded all expectations. It won’t appear on the NIAB list until 2021.  It has a higher DM Yield than Glory or Augustus as well as better quality figures. It will also be fit to harvest 5-7 days earlier than Glory and a similar time to Augustus. This is a variety to try in any situation.


Maturity Group 10

This is proving to be the most consistent variety in our portfolio, has been our top seller for 6 years and is still in high demand. It still has one of the best sets of figures for quality on the NIAB list and has really good early vigour and disease tolerance. A variety that will always deliver.


Maturity Group 8

This variety has proved itself over the last couple of years and has now become one of most popular varieties. It will give high yields and quality as well as good disease tolerance. This variety suits all soil types and copes well in light brashy soils.


Maturity group 8

This variety got listed last year and has the highest DM yield of its group. It gives exceptional yields with quality and suit all soil types. It will mature at a similar time to Severus

SY Nordicstar        

Maturity group 7

A slightly later maturing variety that has exceptional disease tolerance; it has the highest eyespot rating on the NIAB list. It will give good quality highly palatable forage. It suits the earlier maturing sites or a high risk eyespot area. This variety has also performed very well in the south west for anaerobic digesters.

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