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Tonics & Multi-Vitamins

Tonics & Multi-Vitamins

Tonics & Multi-Vitamins

Tonics & Multi-Vitamins

Gamestay Tonic/Extra
Is a concentrated liquid containing vitamins, trace elements, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids & electrolytes with added nucleotides. The EXTRA contains aniseed to help get the taste buds going, suitable for all ages of birds.

Gamestay Egg & Bone
This product helps keep the calcium balance of birds at an optimum level. All elements of this high quality supplement work together to ensure strong bones & good egg shell quality.

Gamestay Lyte Plus
Is a product based around electrolytes, salts & sugars, which aids in the management & challenges of metabolic disorders associated with dehydration.

Gamestay Oregano
Is a 100% natural & organic product, with its concentrated blend of herbal & essential oils it is very effective & quick to work. Gamestay Oregano is an oregano extract which is a proven antiseptic, microbial & a bacterial killer, this product is suitable for all poultry & game birds. 

AgroCid Super Oligo
Is a liquid supplement that contains levels of organic acids, zinc, copper, sugar & salts.
  • Better average daily gain
  • Lower mortality
  • Improved litter condition
  • Better egg shell qaulity
  • Reduced enterobacteria such as E.coli & salmonella
  • Better feed conversion rate
  • Stimulates the pH level to 4.5-5.5
  • Helps with lime scale
Red Stim
Is an innovated nutritional solution which is sprayed on to the feed to boost chick start
  • Better feed intake
  • Improved early growth
  • Improved performance
  • Improved feed efficiency

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