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Rooted In Dairy Science

Robotic Milking

Rooted In Dairy Science

Robotic Milking

DM Super Clean

Is a strong alkaline cleaner, ideal for milking robots. Safe at high temperatures (chlorine free) & contains Potassium Hydroxide & Sodium Hydroxide, it can used with warm & cold water safely circulating in a 0.5-1% solution. This product is non-foaming. 

PhoCid R

Is an acid cleaning agent for descaling of milking equipment including cleaning of milking robots at high temperatures. It contains Acid Monohydrate & Methanesulphonic Acid. This product is suitable for periodic & daily acid cleaning, you need to pre-rinse with lukewarm water. Circulate PhoCid R at 0.5% with water at 50-95'c for 8-15 minutes then rinse with potable water.

Kenocid 2100 5%

Is a concentrated cleaning & disinfecting agent based on 5% peracetic acid for the use in CIP systems. Clean the surface thoroughly first & dose at 0.2-0.5%. Contact time is 15 minutes followed by a thorough rinse with clean water. 

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