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Rooted In Dairy Science

Post Milking Spray & Dips

Rooted In Dairy Science

Post Milking Spray & Dips

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Keno™mix  ,is a strong , long-lasting post milking teat Spray and Dip for gold standard disinfection and protection of the teats. This chlorine dioxide-based teat dip is prepared by mixing Keno™mix with the Keno™mix Activator providing a stable, effective product that once combined, has a full 26 days of activity. The barrier technology incorporated in Kenomix, creates an even spread of film, creating a viscose droplet at the teat sphincter and closing-off the teat canal. After application, Keno™mix leaves a bright blue non-drip film on the teats. Being non-drip, Kenomix proves highly economical in use with typical volumes per cow in the region of 2.5 litres per lactation.


Kenocidin is a unique, medicinally registered, viscous teat dipping product, based on chlorhexidine. It also contains Menthae arvensis which has conditioning and anti-inflammatory properties. Kenomint has the benefit to the cow of superior teat disinfection alongside excellent teat condition. Kenomint (Spray & Dip—Ready to Use) is available where a high volume 1000L IBC is needed.                          


Kenostart is based on a unique iodine complex which produces stable, active iodine. In a European trial, Kenostart was used during 8 weeks to replace a standard 5000 ppm Iodine product. Over the course of 8 weeks, teat score improved from average 3 to less than 1.5. This is because many iodine-based products cannot tolerate normal levels of emolients as they contribute to the breakdown of the iodine in their formulation. Kenostart's unique iodine complex allows high levels of quality iodine, resulting in it outperforming other iodine-based products. 


Kenolac is a combination of lactic acid, humectants and covering agents. Lactic acid is a very effective germicide, penetrating the lipid membrane of bacteria and depleting cellular energy. It also has also an antiviral mechanism, deactivating proteins and lipid coats of viruses, inhibiting their ability to infect. Kenolac is tested according to European standards EN1040 and EN1656 against contagious and environmental pathogens and is the first registered dip for fly control and organic situations (EC #834/2007) 



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