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Rooted In Dairy Science

Hygiene & Bedding

Rooted In Dairy Science

Hygiene & Bedding

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Nadins Hydramix Lime

Is a highly absorbent economical drying agent, improving the environment for both livestock & stock person. Significantly lower in dust levels, it also provides a rapid rise in pH & will not burn. Hydramix Lime is a 100% natural product & is safe to use as a single bedding product making it cost effective. It can be used in cow cubicles as well in open sheds & can provide improvement in slurry quality & assit in odour control. 

Ultra Dri

Is a powder disinfectant which contains DEFRA approved disinfectants which are effective against foot & mouth & avian flu diseases.
  • Suitable for livestock flooring before adding bedding
  • Kills pathogens
  • Absorbs moisture within minutes & keeps working for weeks
  • Will help against bad odours

Pearce Ultra Breathe

This is a brand new product for 2018, with it's combining of the tried & trusted DEFRA approved disinfectants of Ultra Dri with its added proven natrual Mint & Eucalyptus, Ultra Breathe tackles the key areas of hygiene & calf respiratory issues with a combined approach of both problems. Ultra Breathe is spread onto the floor of the animal housing at the recommended rate 50-100gms/m2 2-3 times a week.

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