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 Pearce Seeds have available a full range of certified organic seed,...

Organic Seed

Pearce Seeds have available a full range of certified organic seed,...

Organic Seed

Pearce Seeds have available a full range of certified organic seed, including cereal seed, forage seed, arable silage mixtures and grass seed.  Pearce Seeds have been active supporters of the organic movement and each year host an Organic Open day, where we test new and old varieties for their suitably for organic production, which is open to all in the farming fraternity to attend.

Pearce Seeds currently services the South West with growers located Wiltshire and Dorset, and further affield with such as Surrey, Suffolk, Hereford and Lincoln to ensure supply.  Seed will is dispatched to farms in our area - Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset & Devon utilising our own lorries.

Pearce Seeds LLP have been producing organic seed since 2006 - mainly growing for the wholesale market - with limited direct farm contact. In 2016 we took over Organic Seed Producers and are slowly moving into the retail side to support farmers with our extensive portfolio of seed varieties, mainly in combinable crops.

Over the last 10 years we have carried out small scale organic trials to support our varietal choices, mainly looking at spring cropping and more for observational assessment. In 2016 we had a successful replicated trial but again only on spring varieties. This year we are very pleased to be able to present a significant winter variety trial and our spring trial but also we are looking at a home grown protein trial.

With today's increasing availability problems of organic proteins the trials day will also offer the opportunity to observe and discuss alternative crops, to start to assess what may suit growing for the organic home grown protein supply.

We offer an extensive, but carefully chosen portfolio of organic combinable varieties for our customers.

Considerations of regional suitability, rotation and market outlets are just some of the areas we address before deciding which organic varieties we multiply for the following year to supply our customers.

We have in our organic 22 winter wheats to assess plus winter oats and barley to aid consideration of varieties that would suit an autumn sowing requirement - considering the regional disease pressure as well as end market outlets. We are currently offering the following varieties, carefully selected fort his autumn and would recommend early enquiries. The spring seed sold out very quickly due to the shortages in the organic seed supply in the spring of 2017.


COSTELLO - a good disease specification but with the best standout bushel weight from all winter wheats make this variety a great feed wheat.

KWS CRISPIN - high resistance to Mildew and yellow rust, combines with orange wheat blossom midge with very good grain quality.

EVOLUTION - a tall wheat with very good disease spec - good for the organic grower.

REVELATION - has an excellent disease profile, especially mildew, yellow rust, brown rust and eyespot as well as fusarium. Due to its slow developments it is well suited to early sowings to help spread workloads, looking very clean in trials.

OLYMPUS - with a very good grain quality it has good potential in the feed market, standing strong at 95cm and an excellent overall disease resistance package.

KWS ZYATT - a new variety in the Group 1 category with good quality and high untreated yields - being assessed within the organic end markets, looks well in trials clean and competitive.


SURGE - mildew resistance is good and importantly, Rhynchosporium resistance is the best on the list - demonstrated by a very high untreated yield. With a bold grain, a high specific weight and, with good straw characteristics with high yielding this is a useful winter barley where an autumn position is needed.


MASCANI - still the main winter variety with a big market share bot organically and conventionally, it is early to mature and has excellent disease resistance, particularly to crown rust. It has excellent grain quality so will continue to be used by end markets.


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