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40 years experience in the South West


40 years experience in the South West


Pearce Seeds have been involved with maize for forty years. Accordingly, through experience in the field and our own trials on soil types right across the region, we have built up a wealth of experience with the crop. We have the opportunity to select varieties from all the European maize breeders, and consequently have selected a top-performing portfolio of maize hybrids for our customers.

Pearce Seeds has regularly conducted maize variety trials. We use trial sites with differing soil types and altitudes, testing variety performance in the South West in realistic conditions, not just on 1st choice preferable sites.  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR 2016 TRIALS RESULTS.  A summary of our sowing date trial can be found here; WHEN TO DRILL?

Working closely with breeders in the trialling process means Pearce Seeds often see varieties 3 to 4 years before they become commercially available, and can therefore monitor the variety performance well in advance to them coming to market.  Due to this Pearce Seeds have always been early adopters of the new varieties, being the first to take on KWS Kentaurus in 2009 when it won the NIAB Variety Cup.   This year the maize portfolio includes the NIAB Listed varieties Glory and Severus, and 3 of the outstanding varieties over the 6 trials sites in the South West, Augustus, Emmerson and Bradley. 

Outlined below are the Pearce Seeds varieties for 2015. Please contact your local area representative to discuss varieties suitable for your land.


This is the crescendo replacement, it will not appear on the NIAB list until 2019, it will give earliness and yield with good all round quality and disease tolerance.

Big yields of highly palatable crop. Good disease resistance. With well filled large cobs produces a high ME crop. Strong early vigour.

Slightly later maturity but with good all round figures. Sow on a favourable site. Ideal for high percentage feeding. Good eyespot tolerance.

A new variety that will appear on the NIAB list in 2018, it will give exceptional yield with good quality. It will be of similar maturity to Severus.

Vigour, starch, yield and digestibility are all first class. The best variety all round. Packs high ME performance.

For two seasons the earliest to mature in our set of trials. Yields consistent with being so early, starch yield high. Vigorous to grow away, quick to tassling. Ultra-early.

Equal in most respects to Emmerson, higher yielding in 2014, less so in 2015. Cobs well covered from exposure, good starch yield. Strong thick crop. Ulta-early.

Pearce Seeds deliver all maize from our central store near Sherborne in Dorset.  Deliverers are made daily to Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

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