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Soil testing, soil ameliorants and professional advice


Soil testing, soil ameliorants and professional advice

Agricultural Lime

Soil  Analysis

Soil pH is key to maximising crop output. 

We pride ourselves on the soil sampling service offered, we pH test soil on farm in its natural state taking multiple samples across the field, giving a pH map of the field, to highlight any differences in pH so agricultural lime can be applied where it is required. 

Maintaining Target pH will help to: 

  • Ensure improved use of applied nutrients
  • Enhance plant development
  • Improve soil structure
  • Increase activity
  • Improve herbicide use
  • Improve livestock performance
  • Improve forage palatability

 Liming Products 

There is a range of products available for pH correction through liming, Pearce Seeds will help you chose which is most suitable for your needs.

 We have 3 types of agricultural lime available; 

  • Ground Limestone
  • Limestone Dust
  • Magnesium Lime

In addition to the agricultural lime we also have;

  • Chalk
  • LimeX
  • Granular Lime

Also available is a full soil nutrient analysis service, pH, P, K, Mg and trace elements.

Pearce seeds offers the full service from the spreading of agricultural lime and also arrange delivery and mapping.  We operate throughout the South West and have agronomists who will sample your fields and arrange supply of lime and lime products to Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon, Somerset and Hampshire.

Further information of our services are provided in our leaflet or if you have specific queries contact us direct. For a prompt and efficient service contact: 
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John Harris  Mobile: 07590 229985 

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