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Speak to a trusted advisor


Pearce Seeds offer a wide range of NPK and Liquid Fertilisers .We supply a comprehensive range of Yara Compounds and high quality Nitrogen and Nitrogen + Sulphur grades. If you require blends or bespoke blends we are able to offer standard and special grades as required. 

Selecting the right fertiliser for your farm is crucial for yield, quality and cost effectiveness, this can only be achieved by regular soil testing so speak to your Pearce Seeds Agronomist to be sure you buy what you need.

Nitrogen is an essential plant nutrient which is required in relatively large amounts by plants. The addition of nitrogen fertilisers will usually have a marked effect on a crops appearance and growth. The intelligent use of nitrogen fertiliser is one of the most important factors in producing profitable arable crops and grassland.

Phosphate is a major nutrient and an adequate supply is required by all crops for optimum growth and yields. Phosphate is vital for development of a fibrous root system in grassland the growth of clover is improved and the feed value increased, arable crops will not reach their full potential if phosphate levels are limiting.

In all crops normal growth requires large quantities of potash. Functions of potassium in the plant include drought tolerance, frost resistance, disease susceptibility in adverse conditions and it’s contribution to yield and quality can be considerable.

Sulphur is the 4th most essential nutrient in arable crops and grassland, it is required to build yield and quality, yield can be reduced when Sulphur is deficient and symptoms are absent. Soils are unable to store Sulphur so annual applications are normally necessary



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