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Speak to a trusted advisor


Fertiliser usage is best based on a nutrient management plan; this will take into account, soil type, livestock manures, cropping plans, and soil analysis.

With this in mind our FACTS trained team of agronomists are expertly placed to discuss your fertiliser requirements. 

Pearce Seeds have supplied fertiliser across a range of soil types and farming businesses and as a result have access to a large portfolio of products, meaning we can meet your fertiliser requirements, and indeed welcome enquires for bespoke analysis. 

We supply 

  • Complex Compounds
  • Blends
  • Straights
  • Maize starter fertilisers - we maintain our own Maizestart branded fertiliser
  • Bespoke fertiliser grades

In addition to the above we can also supply a range of GAFSA based fertilisers from Soil Fertility Dunns.
GAFSA is a soft rock phosphate which offers the benefits of a sustained release, supply of trace elements and high levels of calcium. 

Pearce Seeds currently services the South West through its team of agronomists, who are active in the counties of Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.  

Soil pH

Soil pH is key to maximising crop output and allowing soil nutrients fertiliser products to be fully available. Pearce Seed offer soil testing services and can also supply agricultural lime and other soil ameliorants should they be required.  Please click the following link for information relating Agricultural Lime.


Pearce Seeds also supplies Fibrophos as an alternative to conventional fertiliser. Please click the following link for more information relating to Fibrophos.

Organic approved fertilisers 

Please speak to our team to find out what fertilisers we can offer the organic producer.


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