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Spring Cereals

Varieties for the South West

Spring Cereals

Cereals - Spring

SPRING WHEAT  - Recommended for late autumn and spring sowing.

Mulika                  Blackman Agriculture  (W110 X Belvoir) x Tybalt 

 The dominant spring wheat variety with 70 % of the certified seed area. Can be autumn
or spring sown, producing high quality bread making grain. Resistant to OWBM but only
moderate resistance to Septoria. Ideal for flexible sowing where blackgrass is an issue. 

KWS Willow        KWS                       (00-703 xTybalt) x Belvoir

Very high yielding autumn sown where its fusarium resistance make it Willow a better
choice than Mulika for the after maize slot. Good foliar disease resistance and a stiff
straw make it ideal for sites of high fertility. Always performs well in Pearce autumn
and spring sown trials.


SY Sanette          Syngenta             Summit x Yarde

No longer rated as a malting barley, but still a useful feed barley with strong medium
length straw with a good resistance to brackling, good foliar disease resistance and
yields similar to the best. 

Westminster      Limagrain           NSI 97-5547 X Barke

Declining in popularity as new varieties such as Planet significantly increase yields,
but no variety has quite the mix of plentiful long straw, disease resistance and bold
grain.  Ideally suits a low input or organic system. Book early as supplies will be scarce.

KWS Irina             KWS                       Conchita x Quench

Like Planet a pan-european variety which moves yields to a new level. Established as
an export malting barley having been shipped successfully in 2014. Stiff short straw,
with a 9 for brackling. Similar disease profile to Planet.

Odyssey               Limagrain             Concerto x Quench

Fully approved for both brewing and distilling use and with a substantial yield advantage
over Concerto the previous best dual use variety.  Limited market for export however.
Very high yields in Pearce Trials , with good straw and disease characteristics.
Somewhatt late to mature.

Propino                Syngenta             Quench x Tipple

The dominant variety in recent years, but now with a substantial yield penalty. Very
marketable grain particularly for export markets. Relatively long straw with good
standing.  Will remain a favorite with specialist malting barley grower. 

RAGT Planet               RAGT Seeds             Tamtam x Concerto

The best spring barley across Europe. Highest yielding in official trials in most countries
and progressing well through the malting process ( although not officially approved in
the UK yet).
7 % yield advantage over Propino in the west.Medium length straw
resistant to brackling and bold grain with brewing potential (marketing contract
recommended for this season).  Moderate resistance to Septoria.




Aspen                Bauer                    Complex Cross

Very high yields with bold grain of high specific weight. Yields 8% above Firth.
Susceptible to crown rust (as most are) Early maturity and short moderately stiff



Fanfare               NPZ Lembke

High yields of beans suitable for the human consumption market although the
sample can be smaller than some varieties. Taller than Fury but with similar standing
ability, moderately susceptible to Downy mildew.

Fury               NPZ Lembke

Best combination of yield, agronomic characteristics and Downy mildew resistance of
any commercially available varieties, 3% above Fuego the current market leader.

Vertigo               NPZ Lembke

The highest yielding spring bean with the boldest grain sample, long moderate 
straw so would not be suitable for the most fertile sites. Moderately 
susceptible to
Downy mildew.

Spring Beans


High yielding early maturing white pea, ideal grown as a combining crop or as a
constituent of mixtures. Resistant to pea wilt and good resistance to Downy mildew.


The most widely grown non-marrowfat pea largely because of its suitability
to the blue pea / micronsing market which can give good premiums.  High yields
coupled with excellent resistance to downy mildew and pea wilt virus.


Bowler                Van der Bilt

Medium short plants with early maturity.   Bowler has reduced fibre ion the stem
allowing easier harvest. Excellent performance in 2015 trials. Exclusive to Pearce Seeds 

Phoenix               JTSD Ltd

Early flowering, early maturity and high yields easily managed.  Exclusive to Pearce Seeds 

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