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Spring Cereals

Varieties for the South West

Spring Cereals

Cereals - Spring


The dominant spring wheat variety with 70% of the certified seed area. It can be autumn or spring sown, producing high quality bread making grain. Resistant to OWBM but only moderate resistance to Septoria. Ideal for flexible sowing where blackgrass is an issue. 

KWS Willow
Very high yielding variety and where fusarium resistance is required behind maize stubble, Willow is a better choice than Mulika. Good foliar disease resistance and stiff straw make it ideal for high fertility sites. Always performs well in Pearce autumn and spring sown trials.  


The dominant variety in recent years, but now with a substantial yield penalty. Still a very marketable grain particularly for export markets. Relatively long straw with good standing. Remains a favourite with malting barley growers. 

RAGT Planet
High yielding in official trials in most EU countries. It gives a 7% yield advantage over Propino in the West. Medium length straw and good resistant to brackling with bold grain. Moderate resistance to rynchosporium. Now fully approved for brewing. 

KWS Irina
The highest yielding spring malting barley with full IBD approval for brewing and a major variety in the European export brewing market – CBMO approved. Best brackling score (9) of any recommended variety and no significant agronomic weakness KWS Irina also has a strong performance in the field offering high yields with similar disease profile as Planet. It has high tillering, mid to early maturity, no significant disease weaknesses and very good lodging resistance.

A new variety with joint highest treated yield of the spring malting barley varieties in the AHDB 2017 list. It also has a very good agronomic profile with the highest untreated yields on the 2017 RL. Currently under IBD testing for both markets. It is being registered across Europe and like PROPINO and NFC TIPPLE before, it has shown very consistent and very high yields across a wide range of environments and seasons. 

The highest yielding recommended feed barley, showing consistency of performance over years and regions. Ovation has a good combination of agronomic characteristics and disease resistance. Consistent performance and good risk ability – AHDB data shows Ovation offers the highest yield of all barleys and the lowest risk of a poor yield in difficult years.  


Taller than Fury but with similar standing ability. Moderately susceptible to Downy mildew. 

The highest yielding spring bean with the boldest grain sample, long moderate strength straw so would not be suitable for the most fertile sites. Moderately susceptible to Downy mildew. 


Very high yields with bold grain of high specific weight. Yields 8% above Firth. Susceptible to crown rust (as most are) early maturity and short moderately stiff straw. 






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