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Pearce Seeds has a full range of winter cereals

Please contact the office for a complete list.

Cereals - Winter

Pearce Seeds has a full range of winter cereals.  Please contact the office 01935 811400 for a complete list. 


Group 1

Crusoe     Cordiale x Gulliver     Limagrain

Good disease scores with excellent Septoria and Yellow rust resistance (better than official rating).  Lower yielding but still a popular proven milling option that consistently demonstrates good protein and quality. Also a good variety to consider in the feed wheat position with its disease scores.

Skyfall     C4148 x Hurricane    RAGT

Giving high yields of quality grain in the South West, with stiff straw and good all round disease resistance.  Needs to be given priority at harvest due to tendency to sprout. It is best suited for sowing after 20th September and should not be sown earlier due to its rapid development.  Consider as a high yielding feed in the South West with a 7 for fusarium and OWBM resistance. 

Zyatt     Quarts x Hereford     KWS

Newly recommended milling wheat- does well in the west and looks good against feed wheat yields as well.  Very high disease ratings – giving one of the highest untreated yields on the National list. It has shown good baking performance. Because it is high yielding, nitrogen applications may have to be adjusted to achieve protein specifications. Also performs well as a 2nd wheat.

Group 2

KWS Siskin     KWS Sterling x Timaru     KWS

An interesting variety – new in 2016, it has a big yield and compares well with feed wheats – coming top in Pearce Seeds trials of 2017 harvest. One of the best disease profiles on the list, top resistance for Yellow rust and mildew and with a 6.8 for septoria makes it a good South West choice.  Again with vigorous growth it is not an early driller and should be sown from later in September.

KWS Lili     KWS Horizon x CPBT W134     KWS

Very high yields of highly marketable group 2 grain. Excellent disease resistance allowed  Lili to retain green leaf area better than many varieties in the very testing 2013-14 season.

Group 3

KWS Bassett     Cassius x Scout     KWS

A group 3 biscuit wheat – offering good potential end market premiums. A Cassius and scout cross gives this variety a good bushel weight, but with a variable disease spec; weak on mildew and septoria but good on yellow rust and is also resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.


High yielding soft wheat with resistance to Soil Bourne Mosaic Virus and Orange Blossom Midge(OBWM). Suitable for early sowing. 


Very consistent producer of high quality grain. Similar features to Panorama, end of February sowing date and good Fusarium resistance suggest ideal for after maize.

Group 4


Excellent disease profile – 8 for fusarium. Anapolis delivered impressive yields in Pearce Seeds trials since 2014. it is particularly suited to follow maize, very leafy and suits wholecrop position as well - looking very good on farm  - also scoring a 6 Septoria 9 YR gives it a good disease profile – it never made NL but was identified through our own trial work as a variety that would suit our after maize demand choice for feed wheat.

Costello     W151 x Timaru     Senova

Good all round disease spec, although not the highest yield its main outstanding quality is its superb bushel weight offering  highest specific weight on the list across all the groups and even in a poor year can offer the insurance of least variability. It also offers the best hagberg of all feed varieties confirming its end quality. 

JB Diego     3351b2 x Stru2374

First registered in 2008 it is still proving to be a popular due to its consistency. Although more importantly now it needs to be watched for disease pressures.  Early to mature with a wide drilling window. Over the years it has been a popular choice as a 2nd wheat but does well as a 1st as well as suiting both light and heavy soils.

Graham     Premio/Expert     Syngenta

A new addition to the 2016/17 RL, Graham was a popular variety on farm and sold out last year. High yielding in the West in particular and performs best as a first wheat. The variety exhibits good all-round disease resistance with a 6.7 for Septoria tritici. Suited to early drilling as slow developer but shouldn't go in before 10th September because of eyespot resistance - 4.  It is also early maturing.


Hard wheat exclusive to Pearce Seeds with good yields both treated and untreated. Proven itself in Pearce Seed Trials to show superb Septoria (7) and Yellow Rust (9), making it an ideal low input variety. With good grain quality and tall straw it suits both feed wheat and wholecrop options. Its excellent disease resistance with one of the best overall disease packages - compared to other varieties currently on the AHDB recommended list and continues to perform well in our trials. 

Revelation     (Alchemy x Claire) x Shepherd     Limagrain

A great all-rounder but lacks OBWM resistance. Performs best as a 1st wheat on heavy land. Offers an early drilling opportunity with slow development and late maturing makes it attractive to spread work load.  A good South West variety with 7 for fusarium and 6 septoria. 

Shabras     Cassius x Hereford     Syngenta

Top of hard feed wheat group with Kerrin, Shabras was in top 3 of our 2016 trials. Relatively early to mature but gives high yields in both a 1st and 2nd position but could be a replacement for Diego in the 2nd   position?  Good YR and Mildew resistance. 6.2 Septoria trit.  Straw looks slightly weak but responds well to growth regulators.


KWS Orwell

  • Highest yielding two row on the RL list
  • Short, very stiff straw
  • BaYMV resistant Strain 1

KWS Cassia

  • Two row feed with good yield and strong untreated yield
  • High lodging resistance
  • High resistance brown rust score
  • BaYMV resistant Strain 1

Also available from Pearce Seeds

Volume     Hybrid

  • Still the most popular hybrid on farm
  • Top consistent yields over the years
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Long stiff straw
Although available for several years new hybrids and the best conventional barleys  have been unable to match the performance of Volume on farm. Supplies of Volume seed are always difficult to predict so it is advisable to reserve your requirement with Pearce Seeds as soon as possible.

Bazooka     Hybrid

  • New to the RL list 2016
  • Topped Pearce trials this year
  • Taller than Volume but with higher resistance to lodging
  • The new hybrid of choice

Candidate variety with higher yields and improved grain compared to Volume. Excellent resistance to Rynchosporium.

Sunningdale   Hybrid

  • Added to RL list 2018/18
  • Very high yields in all regions
  • High Rhynchosporium resistance
  • BaYMV resistant Strain 1

Pearce Seeds also have further varieties available, including Alchemy, Cordial, Santiago, Panarama,  JB Diego, and Solistice.  For full availability please contact the office direct.





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