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We will mix what you want


We will mix what you want

Arable Silage Mixes


Arable Silage mixtures produce a very useful forage crop for livestock farmers wishing to be less dependent upon purchased protein feeds. Mixtures are sown in spring for harvesting in July/August and the silage can be clamped or baled.

Pearce Seeds stock two main arable silage mixes in both conventional and organic seeds.

The two mixtures are:

40% Barley & 60% Peas

60% Barley & 40% Peas

We can also blend bespoke mixes for you. Common arable silage mixes including the cereals of triticale, oats as well as barley and the protien crops of lupins, peas and vetches.

Pearce Seeds also stock the Pharmor and Preservator silage additives from Cultech Agriculture.
Please click this link for further information on silage additive. 

All our arable silage mixtures and forage seeds are stored, mixed and delivered from our store at Sherborne on a daily basis through our own delivery service. We are currently servicing with daily deliveries  to Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Hampshire. 

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